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Eastern Favourites Representation offers a valuable solution for hotels looking to enhance their sales and marketing strategies by serving as the knowledgeable and approachable liaison from afar.

By bridging the gap between hotels and the UK and German-speaking travel markets through innovative and creative means, we maintain a personalized yet professional rapport with clients and agents.

We are well-versed in assisting hoteliers in expanding their portfolios and staying competitive in the current market landscape.

With our collective expertise, we act as a multilingual extension of our clients' businesses, providing tailored support to meet their needs.

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May Kamya, equipped with an International Business and Tourism qualification and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, has always been dedicated to showcasing distant travel destinations and their rich cultures.

More than 13 years ago, she established Eastern Favourites Representation after gaining valuable experience at a reputable wholesale company. During her tenure, she significantly contributed to expanding the company's Far East Asia portfolio, especially in Thailand. Known for her integrity, reliability, and diligence, May Kamya has earned a reputation as an innovative, hardworking, and straightforward travel professional.

Over the past 13 years, Eastern Favourites Representation has grown substantially, now representing a diverse array of local and international hotel brands, independent hotels, small group accommodations, and privately owned luxury boutique hotels worldwide. Specializing in providing tailored and proactive services, the company assists hotels in distinguishing themselves from competitors and realizing their revenue and brand objectives.


We serve as our clients' market experts from across the globe, maintaining continuous connections with the market and its key decision-makers.

As a dependable extension of their businesses, we leverage years of collaboration within the tourism industry. We enhance our clients' business relationships in the market and uncover new opportunities.


Tailoring our communication strategies to meet our clients' specific requirements is crucial. Through our MEDIA PAGE, we have enhanced industry engagement.

Our focus is on providing connections and expertise.


Sales Representation

Eastern Favourites visits decision makers regularly and can also arrange those trips for and accompany you in terms of appointment making and coordinating the travels.

Gaining new business leads for you to meet in person and helping with training existing partners. Eastern Favourites has an interactive training approach where sales agents are encouraged to participate as much as possible to keep them concentrated and convey the information of how to sell your products best. We focus on your USPs and always have our KPIs in mind.


Eastern Favourites Representation, is a founding partner of the Worldwide Travel Alliance global sales, marketing and PR network.

Worldwide Travel Alliance provides sales, marketing, representation and PR services to global travel brands seeking European customers.

The Alliance consists of six leading sales and marketing experts based in the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Thailand.

The Alliance’s market reach extends beyond country borders to include all English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speaking markets. The WTA’s main targets are hotels and resorts (individual or group), national and regional tourism boards, DMCs, theme parks, tour operators, cruise lines, medical tourism outlets, travel associations, and more.



If you are looking for hotel or destination management representation. Let's connect.

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