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 Founded in 2010

Eastern Favourites Representation provides an effective solution to a hotel’s sales and marketing efforts, being the face and expert voice on the other side of the world.


Our Vision

We are our clients' market experts on the other side of the world, always connected to the market and its decision makers.  

As a competent and reliable extension to their business, we build on many years of co-operations in the tourism industry. 

We strengthen each client's business relationships in the market and find new opportunities.

Communication is key in establishing each product and we can tailor each approach towards our clients' needs.


We improved the way our industry can engage with each other through our  MEDIA PAGE.

Connection and Know how is what we provide. 





With an International Business and Tourism qualification and an entrepreneurial spirit I have always been passionate about promoting far away travel destinations and their cultures. 


I founded Eastern Favourites Representation over 13 years ago after years of working for a  well established wholesale company in which I successfully helped the business to grow its Far East Asia portfolio in particular Thailand.  I  built up a reputation as being an honest, reliable and dedicated travel professional who was innovative, hard working and straightforward to work with.

Eastern Favourites Representation has since grown within the last 13 years to now represent a growing portfolio of local and international hotel brands, independent, small group and privately owned luxury boutique hotels worldwide.  We offer a tailor made and proactive service to support hotels so that they stand out from the competition and achieve their revenue and brand goals.

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Before joining Eastern Favourites Representation, Peter spent over ten years working in corporate customer facing environments, running and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients whilst greatly improving revenue in these areas.

Peter primarily heads up our UK Accounts for our clients(hotels), dealing with partner acquisitions and maintenance. With his extensive product knowledge he offers invaluable training and support to our clients. Providing sales strategy support and market intelligence to establish client into market.


He is responsible for spearheading campaigns for our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and  Twitter. Monitoring online presence of company’s brand and engage with users, strengthening customer relationships.



Eastern Favourites Representation, is a founding partner of the Worldwide Travel Alliance global sales, marketing and PR network.

Worldwide Travel Alliance provides sales, marketing, representation and PR services to global travel brands seeking European customers.

The Alliance consists of six leading sales and marketing experts based in the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Thailand.

The Alliance’s market reach extends beyond country borders to include all English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speaking markets. The WTA’s main targets are hotels and resorts (individual or group), national and regional tourism boards, DMCs, theme parks, tour operators, cruise lines, medical tourism outlets, travel associations, and more.


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

( Balzac)

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Sales Representation

Eastern Favourites visits decision makers regularly and can also arrange those trips for and accompany you in terms of appointment making and coordinating the travels.

Gaining new business leads for you to meet in person and helping with training existing partners. Eastern Favourites has an interactive training approach where sales agents are encouraged to participate as much as possible to keep them concentrated and convey the information of how to sell your products best. We focus on your USPs and always have our KPIs in mind.

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